Who is responsible for this product?

Who sponsors changes or new work?

Who has approval power?

Who knows about the history of the product?

Who specifies features and functions?

Who currently designs these features or functions?

Who builds them?

Who should the design team notify with updates?

Who maintains this product?


What are the goals of this project?


Who are the target users of this product?

Why do they use this product?

What motivates them?

What are their goals?


How does this project support the [Chicago Tech Plan] ( initiatives?

Tasks and scenarios

What are the primary scenarios and tasks this product should support?

Success measures

When this product is launched, how will we know it is successful?

What user behaviors contribute to success?

What key performance indicators (KPIs) do we track today?

Are there any other numbers that people track to determine if our product is doing well or poorly?

Key dates and milestones

Are there deadlines we should be aware of?

Public launch dates?

Regular updates or a production schedule that the team follows?

Does this product depend on other products or systems?

Do other products depend on it?


What are the red flags or worries you see today?

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